Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

To safely clean upholstery and avoid shrinkage and colour run (also known as colour bleeding) or excessive wear, strict guidelines have to be adhered to.

This is not recommended- The quickest way to clean upholstery is to use an aggressive cleaner which will cut through the dirt fast, applying lots of it will shorten the cleaning time BUT will soak the fabric and can cause shrinkage, damage to the fibers, possible colour bleed

Aggressive cleaners are highly acidic so they cause colour run on some fabrics.

Thermdry Method - Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and safe for all types of fabrics.

Quick drying; most fabrics dry in a few hours; not days!

We clean the whole product: both sides of cushions, internal base, external base, arms, fronts, backs etc.

Our services are available throughout Norfolk.

 We use micro splitting cleaning agents. We spray the Carpet or Upholstery with the micro splitter and flush with clean water -  NO STICKY RESIDUES

 Carpet beetles, fleas and other furniture insects are a constant problem. We are qualified to eradicate insects using approved insecticides that quickly and efficiently deal with the problem. 

upholstery cleaning